Run down on my many new projects...

2009-04-18 18:01:12 by BudGPStudios

I've been working alot lately, and here is what I've been doing...

Making a new album of industrial and DnB called "Industrial Vibes" - My song "Industrial Vibes" Will be featured in it, but remastered and remixed. (Don't think it'll be on a CD or worth money so...)

Making an episode of "Talking Blox" I'm probably about 1/4 into it, but I want it to be a long one.

Making a "Talking Blox" Platformer game.

Making a Fallout 3 mod based on different internet memes (spelling?) called "Goatseburg Wasteland".

Doing a flash intro for Enigma 1087's "Wasted talent" film.


For my Talking blox movie, I'm going to need a new male voice actor with an authentic sounding Russian accent, none of this "faked" stuff... If you'd like to try, PM me. I'll probably go and look for one on my own though. For some reason, the voice actor I had for the first one hasn't responded for a really really long time... (6 months maybe?)


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2009-04-23 00:05:54

Hey man i really like your audio. Espically the dnb. thats what i have been into lately. Anyway i was just wondering what daw u use? I use fl studio.

BudGPStudios responds:

Same here