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Still needs work

I see you kept some of my suggestions in mind (I.E. the voice acting, background, and I noticed better perspective). I personally feel characters created with the line tool often look very flat and unprofessional. Try learning more technique with the brush tool. The story was somewhat more engaging, but I found many moments where I had no idea nor cared what was happening. For instance, the scene transitions that flash random characters made no sense. All in all, the whole movie still felt quite empty and lacking for large portions. Consider adding more atmosphere, such as sound effects not related to just the fight and perhaps more background activity to keep your viewer attentive.

Keep it up, I can definitely see improvements.

Terram Magni Imperii

For proper Latin, I believe you should try this instead:

I'm going to assume it means "Land of the great empire", so Terra should be accusative: Terram Magnum is describing Imperium, but they're genitive so it would be Magni Imperii

Pretty cool looking logo you have though.


To me, some of the "good" dubstep sounds like robots having diarrhea. Sometimes it sounds like a robot screaming in pain. I personally really enjoy the kind that doesn't have a formant or vocal effect on the bass, because that's what makes it sound like robots shitting. It can honestly be a rather boring genre because of the powerless bass and unexciting melodies. I'm giving you a 5 for the idea and the fact that you beat me to it. It could have been executed better though.

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A problem, maybe?

Regardless of what is typed in, the game counts the answer as right; aslo after the first playthrough, the game shows the passwords already answered in the box when you play again.


Reminds me of Dark on microsoft's Xbox Indie games. It's a pretty fun puzzle game, it'd be cool to see a full version of this.


first of all, to even play the game, put the code stop(); on the first frame of gameplay. Otherwise it keeps flipping back and forth between your preloader and menu.

I can't review your gameplay untill you fix this problem.

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I can see how as one of the reviewers below mentioned Half-Life. It has that gritty dystopic future vibe (One of my favorite games of all time, it has really inspired my ambient work. Portal 2 has also been another inspiration). I'm not sure if the clipping effect is a mixing error, or if it was intentional, but it gives the song a certain charm not usually achieved when a song clips (most sound really unprofessional and annoying that way).

I know this one's two years old, but I still say keep it up.

Fubaka responds:

Yeah the clipping was unintentional, but it does work in this song's favor. Although, it was due to my general incompetence when it came to exporting and limiting songs at the time.

Thank you for listening to this old track.


I keep finding a lot of your songs fit well with my game's mood. I already have made about 15 songs myself, with the addition of your other two songs, I think the soundtrack will take up more space than the game itself (I have to convert them to .wav for the game to use it). But hey, at least good music is worth the download wait.

It's very soft and maybe somewhat remorseful sounding, and I can't help but feel somewhat cold as well- In a good way.

Fubaka responds:

Well I'm glad you are looking for other artists to spice up your game. Again, I wish you luck on that!

Also nice

(Read my review for _Stasis_ first if you haven't already)
I feel like this song would also work in my game's soundtrack. It has an airy wide open sort of adventure feeling (Contrary to the title, but I still like it). The sun beating down on your face and the light glimmering back up into your eyes from the cracked glassy earth. You have the whole world to walk across, and now is the time to get started. I like how the song sort of stutters out instead of doing a smooth fade.

Fubaka responds:

It's been a long time since anybody has reviewed this, as you can plainly tell. The main reason that I titled this "Within" is because despite the wind sounds, it all still feels reserved and enclosed, due to my relatively poor sound quality skills at the time.

If you wanted to use this song in your game, I would suggest you let me send you a remastered version of the track, because this one tends to crackle. Regardless, I thank you for your feedback once again.

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Nice work

Just got the demo for Ps CS5 yesterday actually.

Portal 2 is a great game, I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I enjoyed seeing artwork made of it. I do have one suggestion though: the part of P-Body that's still on the other side of the portal should have some of the orange reflected on him, since the other portal would be orange. I think you've done a amazing job here. Keep it up.
If only I had my slow clap processor.

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