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BudGPStudios's News

Posted by BudGPStudios - August 21st, 2013

I've neglected to upload my music to NGAP for the past two years. I think it is because I got little feedback and it didn't seem my music even made a difference (except Fortress of the Lava King made the best of all time chart for a day, for which I am honored). My new venue for music (if you're still even looking forward to my stuff) is now: foxjunior.bandcamp.com

Posted by BudGPStudios - July 28th, 2011

You probably haven't heard, but I've been busy with a game project of my own using Microsoft's XNA Framework in C# over the past few months. It's not anything amazing just yet at its current development point, but I'd still like to show it to the world. It will be a top-down 2D RPG game which I hope players will agree it's like Oblivion meets Fallout meets Minecraft. I call it "Dacsenia" as of now. It's based in a fictional world I've been coming up with over the years. The protagonist is stranded on a country ravaged by a recent nuclear war, and the goal is to either work with the survivors to overthrow the warlords controlling the land, or team up with the warlords and crush the opposition. Regardless of the course you take, you hope to gain access to a means of getting back to your home country, which has been spared the devastation of war (See my song, "From Greatness to Dust" for more on this storyline). I also plan to include multiplayer, which could have sandbox mode to CTF and other deathmatch style games.

Though I'm the lead (and only) programmer, artist, and writer for my game, I would like some help from the Newgrounds community in other areas:

Music: I've been composing my ass off making ambient-industrial and orchestral tracks for this game, but I would like the soundtrack to be something to remember for everyone. I currently have tracks from a fellow NG artist named Fubaka, and possibly some from AloysusRexford, but I could always use more. If you have a nice ambient-industrial track sitting around that sounds kind of gritty but care-free, I'd like to hear it.

Voice: I'm not sure at the current development point if I'd like to include voices for the game; but if you can do a good Russian or German accent, I'd be glad to put your talents to use. Male and Female voices would both be needed.

Before anyone asks, "Hey Seth, if I decide to help, how much money do I get paid?", let me mention that I have not yet figured out how much I could sell my game for, or how many people would be interested in buying it. Once I finish the game and get a feel for the market, we'll talk $ then. (Though obviously anything over 10% is unfair to me and the other people who helped, especially if you only made one or two songs for it).

Here's a screenshot of the game so far: My proprietary 3rd-Generation G_Tileset engine with the lighting system in operation.

Game Programming.

Posted by BudGPStudios - May 14th, 2011


- Accepted to Columbus College of Art and Design with a $36,000 scholarship from portfolio competition. I start in August. I plan to major in Animation.
- Starting new ambient/IDM solo band titled "foxJunior;" Album: "foxJunior.Initialize();" coming soon hopefully. Album/band art for my banner and user icon.

Current Works in Progress:

- Dacsenia : a top down 2D rpg game (written in C# using Microsoft's XNA framework) based in a post-nuclear ruins of a fictional country I made up. Protagonist stranded in wasteland after his research team was attacked by scavengers. Goal is to find a way to get back to your home country (which is not destroyed) by either joining the resistance and taking down the warlords running the waste, or join the warlords and stomp the opposition. As of now, I have the npc framework and environment framework down. Nothing exciting yet.

- Talking Blox Series: Episode One : My pilot episode for a series I hope to actually get off the ground. I've been actively not working on it for about five or six months now because I've been busy with other things. I need to get my shit together and finish this fucker.

You guys don't care. I probably won't get any views on this because it probably won't show up in the blogs list.

Posted by BudGPStudios - January 22nd, 2011

I am working on an XNA game currently titled G. G will be an top down 2D rpg game with heavy Minecraft inspired gameplay. So far, I have a working map saving and loading system, a bi-layer tileset renderer (Though it gets pretty laggy if there are tiles in the second layer, i'm still figuring out how to fix that), and a basic main menu complete with a little quote that changes every time you run the game. I have six races I plan to implement. Three good and three evil. For the good guys: the Coulmin, a race with cartoonish matte white skin and obnoxious expressions (think Trollface); the Humans (I really shouldn't have to explain them); and the Lisovyeks, a race of people who evolved from the red fox. For the bad guys: the Goehtse, a race of goat-men hell-bent on taking over the world; the Noorsfajs "Norsfazsh" a race of frosty barbarians who make the woods a dangerous place; and then some evil people (I haven't named them yet) who live in volcanoes and stuff.

I am going for more of a traditional DnD style map but with a few Minecraft features like digging up tiles and placing new ones, as well as Oblivion/Morrowind items, dialogue, and quest systems.

I am openly taking suggestions (Why would I post this otherwise?) and would like to see what you guys want. No I will not add any more animal based people, unless it's a really cool ass idea. No I won't make it an eastern RPG, I absolutely hate those.

If you want to join my development team (It's just me, I do the art, programming, etc...) I am in a need for playtesters and maybe a musician.

Development screenshot below. Blue and white areas are where the HUD is planned to go. The DEBUG STATUS obviously won't be there, and neither will the lines inbetween tiles.

New upcoming game and stuff.

Posted by BudGPStudios - August 2nd, 2010

Well after a couple days fucking with my XNA game, I decided to just take a break and get back to my cartoon making. Got a new one in the works (Yeah, another one) that I might actually finish this time. Not going to spoil it or anything, but this cartoon is more of a continuation of the failed Talking Blox series I once started. It'll be more from the viewpoint of the two main characters of TBBAM (Mike, the white square, and Ivan, the Lisovyek (Russian speakers might know what that word means, it's a combination of two words, and it's cleverly uncreative). There are two new characters for this series as well (As if you were familiar with the original line up...) the Wizard (of sexual torture), and Davis Trilley, a fur-suiter who stalks Ivan.

I'm going to need an actor to voice the Wizard for my upcoming episode - he needs a very serious wizardy tone, which I will then pitch downward and give it some cool reverb effects.

Almost 6 months, and I still see 0 Comments down there. Fags.

Well, quick change of inspiration...

Posted by BudGPStudios - July 27th, 2010

Kinda don't have much inspiration to work on my flash movies right now. Game programming seems more enthralling. And as always, I'll be putting up new songs every once and a while, so if you like them, check them out.

Some shit I've been working on lately. C# with XNA game studio. Tests and experiments of shaders and atmospheric scattering.


Posted by BudGPStudios - March 31st, 2010

I officially call Tchaikovsky's "Marche Slav" for my upcoming animation project. My other two projects are getting there. Expect to see one out before summer hopefully.

Also, I made new drawrings for the art portal.

More stuff and shit

Posted by BudGPStudios - July 26th, 2009

Got some new stuff for FL... VEC and Nexus. I wish I had enough to register FLstudio, so I don't have any more of this rushing to complete the song without saving it shit. I just made a dance song with my new stuff... I'm considering releasing it. It really doesn't sound like my older shit, probably because I didn't start on D this time.

Anyways, I'm slowly working on a new animation series called "Talking blox: the quest for some gay magic sword". It's doing okay so far. It features my three characters: Mike and Stefan (the blocks) and Ivan the Ex-mafia fox-man. The storyline is still pretty empty, I could use some suggestions.
Sairex is doing the rabbit voice for my movie that I've been asking for.


Stuff and shit

Posted by BudGPStudios - May 30th, 2009

Voice Acting Roster:

Main Characters:

Mike: (as Himself (Kweaks))
Stefan: (as Himself)
Patrick: ()
Ivan: (Sevenpoint)

Minor/Background Characters:

Kid in Commercial: (As of now, RHM7, but I'm looking to change that)

Actors who need characters to voice:

Croire, Sevenpoint, Tingtonger

VA for Talking Blox's Ivan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by BudGPStudios - April 18th, 2009

I've been working alot lately, and here is what I've been doing...

Making a new album of industrial and DnB called "Industrial Vibes" - My song "Industrial Vibes" Will be featured in it, but remastered and remixed. (Don't think it'll be on a CD or worth money so...)

Making an episode of "Talking Blox" I'm probably about 1/4 into it, but I want it to be a long one.

Making a "Talking Blox" Platformer game.

Making a Fallout 3 mod based on different internet memes (spelling?) called "Goatseburg Wasteland".

Doing a flash intro for Enigma 1087's "Wasted talent" film.


For my Talking blox movie, I'm going to need a new male voice actor with an authentic sounding Russian accent, none of this "faked" stuff... If you'd like to try, PM me. I'll probably go and look for one on my own though. For some reason, the voice actor I had for the first one hasn't responded for a really really long time... (6 months maybe?)