Stuff and shit

2009-07-26 11:06:07 by BudGPStudios

Got some new stuff for FL... VEC and Nexus. I wish I had enough to register FLstudio, so I don't have any more of this rushing to complete the song without saving it shit. I just made a dance song with my new stuff... I'm considering releasing it. It really doesn't sound like my older shit, probably because I didn't start on D this time.

Anyways, I'm slowly working on a new animation series called "Talking blox: the quest for some gay magic sword". It's doing okay so far. It features my three characters: Mike and Stefan (the blocks) and Ivan the Ex-mafia fox-man. The storyline is still pretty empty, I could use some suggestions.
Sairex is doing the rabbit voice for my movie that I've been asking for.


Stuff and shit


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2009-07-28 13:50:20

There's something behind me in this picture that's troubling me.

(Updated ) BudGPStudios responds:

__ __
( .) ( .)

... that didn't come out as planned.


2009-08-18 10:13:56

I, sir, shall be your rabbit.

(Updated ) BudGPStudios responds:

Well let's hear it then...

actually, you're too late.