More stuff and shit

2010-03-31 21:23:49 by BudGPStudios

I officially call Tchaikovsky's "Marche Slav" for my upcoming animation project. My other two projects are getting there. Expect to see one out before summer hopefully.

Also, I made new drawrings for the art portal.

More stuff and shit


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2010-04-14 19:45:18

I'd yiff that.

(Updated ) BudGPStudios responds:

Would you now? Well he's not a faggot so that probably wouldn't work out.

...I'm actually surprised to see you were probably being serious and not a troll.


2010-05-01 18:30:08

I would yiff it twice.

(Updated ) BudGPStudios responds:

Oh I would do it ALL the time. First I'd start by stuffing my massive meat sausage into his dark-brown little fox asshole, and snake it through him untill it comes out his mouth. Then I take it back out, and ferverently beat off on his cold, wet nose untill I ejaculate into his left nostril. Then we do it all over again. (The little white glare on his nose isn't actually a glare, it's my cum.)