Well, quick change of inspiration...

2010-08-02 01:46:20 by BudGPStudios

Well after a couple days fucking with my XNA game, I decided to just take a break and get back to my cartoon making. Got a new one in the works (Yeah, another one) that I might actually finish this time. Not going to spoil it or anything, but this cartoon is more of a continuation of the failed Talking Blox series I once started. It'll be more from the viewpoint of the two main characters of TBBAM (Mike, the white square, and Ivan, the Lisovyek (Russian speakers might know what that word means, it's a combination of two words, and it's cleverly uncreative). There are two new characters for this series as well (As if you were familiar with the original line up...) the Wizard (of sexual torture), and Davis Trilley, a fur-suiter who stalks Ivan.

I'm going to need an actor to voice the Wizard for my upcoming episode - he needs a very serious wizardy tone, which I will then pitch downward and give it some cool reverb effects.

Almost 6 months, and I still see 0 Comments down there. Fags.

Well, quick change of inspiration...


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