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New upcoming game and stuff.

Posted by BudGPStudios - January 22nd, 2011

I am working on an XNA game currently titled G. G will be an top down 2D rpg game with heavy Minecraft inspired gameplay. So far, I have a working map saving and loading system, a bi-layer tileset renderer (Though it gets pretty laggy if there are tiles in the second layer, i'm still figuring out how to fix that), and a basic main menu complete with a little quote that changes every time you run the game. I have six races I plan to implement. Three good and three evil. For the good guys: the Coulmin, a race with cartoonish matte white skin and obnoxious expressions (think Trollface); the Humans (I really shouldn't have to explain them); and the Lisovyeks, a race of people who evolved from the red fox. For the bad guys: the Goehtse, a race of goat-men hell-bent on taking over the world; the Noorsfajs "Norsfazsh" a race of frosty barbarians who make the woods a dangerous place; and then some evil people (I haven't named them yet) who live in volcanoes and stuff.

I am going for more of a traditional DnD style map but with a few Minecraft features like digging up tiles and placing new ones, as well as Oblivion/Morrowind items, dialogue, and quest systems.

I am openly taking suggestions (Why would I post this otherwise?) and would like to see what you guys want. No I will not add any more animal based people, unless it's a really cool ass idea. No I won't make it an eastern RPG, I absolutely hate those.

If you want to join my development team (It's just me, I do the art, programming, etc...) I am in a need for playtesters and maybe a musician.

Development screenshot below. Blue and white areas are where the HUD is planned to go. The DEBUG STATUS obviously won't be there, and neither will the lines inbetween tiles.

New upcoming game and stuff.

Comments (11)

"Huh-huh u should totally add like cool swords!"

"Dude when will it be out I wan 2 play it so bad it looks cool keep up the good work!"

"lol u suk"

"the idiot above me dosnt know wat hes talking about. I think it looks gr8"

"D00d is it going 2 b like World or Warcraft? loool Id cum all up in my pants if it was. Make night elf's and tauren thatd be so awesome xD"

"can u giv me a demo?"

"The grafics suck. it looks dum and boring. Y does it say debug status at the top? u dont even know how 2 program a game. epic fail"

"lololololooolll xD i love it cool idea make me a game im only 8 dont get mad"

"lol those names sound dirty xD goatse!"

Eh fuckit. I'm going to take this game's engine, and put it to a different storyline. You'll see it when I get it looking good.

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