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Game Programming.

Posted by BudGPStudios - July 28th, 2011

You probably haven't heard, but I've been busy with a game project of my own using Microsoft's XNA Framework in C# over the past few months. It's not anything amazing just yet at its current development point, but I'd still like to show it to the world. It will be a top-down 2D RPG game which I hope players will agree it's like Oblivion meets Fallout meets Minecraft. I call it "Dacsenia" as of now. It's based in a fictional world I've been coming up with over the years. The protagonist is stranded on a country ravaged by a recent nuclear war, and the goal is to either work with the survivors to overthrow the warlords controlling the land, or team up with the warlords and crush the opposition. Regardless of the course you take, you hope to gain access to a means of getting back to your home country, which has been spared the devastation of war (See my song, "From Greatness to Dust" for more on this storyline). I also plan to include multiplayer, which could have sandbox mode to CTF and other deathmatch style games.

Though I'm the lead (and only) programmer, artist, and writer for my game, I would like some help from the Newgrounds community in other areas:

Music: I've been composing my ass off making ambient-industrial and orchestral tracks for this game, but I would like the soundtrack to be something to remember for everyone. I currently have tracks from a fellow NG artist named Fubaka, and possibly some from AloysusRexford, but I could always use more. If you have a nice ambient-industrial track sitting around that sounds kind of gritty but care-free, I'd like to hear it.

Voice: I'm not sure at the current development point if I'd like to include voices for the game; but if you can do a good Russian or German accent, I'd be glad to put your talents to use. Male and Female voices would both be needed.

Before anyone asks, "Hey Seth, if I decide to help, how much money do I get paid?", let me mention that I have not yet figured out how much I could sell my game for, or how many people would be interested in buying it. Once I finish the game and get a feel for the market, we'll talk $ then. (Though obviously anything over 10% is unfair to me and the other people who helped, especially if you only made one or two songs for it).

Here's a screenshot of the game so far: My proprietary 3rd-Generation G_Tileset engine with the lighting system in operation.

Game Programming.