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(F) _Senescence_ (F) _Senescence_

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I can see how as one of the reviewers below mentioned Half-Life. It has that gritty dystopic future vibe (One of my favorite games of all time, it has really inspired my ambient work. Portal 2 has also been another inspiration). I'm not sure if the clipping effect is a mixing error, or if it was intentional, but it gives the song a certain charm not usually achieved when a song clips (most sound really unprofessional and annoying that way).

I know this one's two years old, but I still say keep it up.

Fubaka responds:

Yeah the clipping was unintentional, but it does work in this song's favor. Although, it was due to my general incompetence when it came to exporting and limiting songs at the time.

Thank you for listening to this old track.

(F) _New Embers_ (F) _New Embers_

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I keep finding a lot of your songs fit well with my game's mood. I already have made about 15 songs myself, with the addition of your other two songs, I think the soundtrack will take up more space than the game itself (I have to convert them to .wav for the game to use it). But hey, at least good music is worth the download wait.

It's very soft and maybe somewhat remorseful sounding, and I can't help but feel somewhat cold as well- In a good way.

Fubaka responds:

Well I'm glad you are looking for other artists to spice up your game. Again, I wish you luck on that!

(F) _Within_ (F) _Within_

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Also nice

(Read my review for _Stasis_ first if you haven't already)
I feel like this song would also work in my game's soundtrack. It has an airy wide open sort of adventure feeling (Contrary to the title, but I still like it). The sun beating down on your face and the light glimmering back up into your eyes from the cracked glassy earth. You have the whole world to walk across, and now is the time to get started. I like how the song sort of stutters out instead of doing a smooth fade.

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Fubaka responds:

It's been a long time since anybody has reviewed this, as you can plainly tell. The main reason that I titled this "Within" is because despite the wind sounds, it all still feels reserved and enclosed, due to my relatively poor sound quality skills at the time.

If you wanted to use this song in your game, I would suggest you let me send you a remastered version of the track, because this one tends to crackle. Regardless, I thank you for your feedback once again.

(F) _Stasis_ (F) _Stasis_

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I'm programming a game with Microsoft's XNA (it's the same software used to create the popular new indie game, Terraria (if you've heard of it)). I've been working on a soundtrack for said game myself, but I also want a few songs from other users. I came across your song here, and I feel like it'd make a great addition to my game's sound. The game features the protagonist dropped in the middle of a post-nuclear wasteland of another country, trying to find a way to get back to his home, which has not been nuked. For the most part I've built up sort of an air of disconcern for the nuked people's plight in my music, but I'd like to throw in a few songs where the protagonist feels scared or lost. This song fits that bill perfectly in my opinion, that is if you don't mind me including it in my soundtrack (I will give you credit).

Your song feels very deep and spacious, however it gives a confined feeling as well (if that makes sense). The title, Stasis, really does explain such a mood. I'm going to check out your other submissions.

Fubaka responds:

In almost all circumstances, I do allow people to use my music for their projects without having to ask, so long as they credit me for the song and show me their finished work. I would like to know though, if it is your intention to sell this game, rather than just release it.

If it is your intention to profit financially from this project of yours, then please send me a PM of the details. If not, then feel free to do as stated above.

Best regards, and thank you for reviewing!

Can't Remember Where I Am Can't Remember Where I Am

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Like it.

I've always been a fan of Illuminate Me, and decided today that I'd come back and hear the rest of your stuff. I really like what I hear man. I'm designing my own computer game (not flash), and have been looking out for glitchy but relaxed ambient pieces to go in the background. It's supposed to be an RPG game with progressively generated environments (meaning the game will make the world for you, different every time), and I feel that dreamlike, ambient-industrial, or rather old-school 8 to 16 bit songs would provide the perfect soundtrack. If you'd like to know more about the development (if I ever finish it, and manage to start selling it, all audio contributors would recieve a free copy), as of now it's only a tileset. I'm not even sure I still want it to be 2D. Open to storyline and other suggestions for it if you have any.

Lapse responds:

Nice, nice. That's cool man. I made that song a long while ago. It's great to see you come back and have a listen again. Since then, I've released an album (if you want, you can find the details of that at my NG homepage). I like the sound of your game. Your progressive generation sounds like Minecraft (which I have been playing a lot of it lately, so fun). I do ambient, glitchy, even mix 8-bit in the mix. A lot of my songs have a bit of an 8-bit melody or something to them. I wouldn't mind try to make a contribution. I'd rather start on something when I see you've got your stuff happening and see you making progress. I'm currently working on a soundtrack for a game, actually. First time I've done anything like it. Hit me me up.

Bells n stuff Bells n stuff

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I'm going to assume you're just using FLstudio patches with little mastering. That makes for an extremely unoriginal sounding and flat piece. There are plenty of free vsts online that can bring some originality to your work. No effects make your song sound very unexciting and basic, study up on EQ and mastering. It'll make or break a song.

Aside from that, the melody feels a bit uninspired. The same bell patch and some kicks and claps. Some of it has sloppy timing and disharmonic notes, but these can be solved with a little practice.

Just keep up the work, look up some VSTs, and figure out how to use the mixer to give your song flavor.

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DJdoubleslap responds:

Yeah, I felt quite sheepish about this one. I did make a dub with a wobble bass that I made myself, but that is the most original sound I have in any of my songs. Just sayin', thanks for the review, EVEN if you rated low!

Insanctuary - Back & Fort Insanctuary - Back & Fort

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Goddamn lol.

Another one up for best of week.

Deep ass meaning, and I understand it fully. Most people are stupid and ignorant in my honest opinion. Closed mindedness is the bane of creativity, knowledge, and truth. Ignorant idiots go on taking what is told to them to heart rather than considering it before ever letting it emotionally bond to them. They follow the pack, shunning anything original or alien. Ignorant people only know the questions "Who? What? Where? When? How?" but they don't know "Why?" The only answers they give for a "why?" question is "because [deity or authority figure] said so" or "I don't know and I don't care". An ignorant person might be "smart" but they're merely "book smart". Meaning they know dates, names, equations, words, and rules... But they can only spit back this information, they never truly understand it. Sorry if I seem to be going off on a tangent, but ignorant people and popular culture really get me pissed sometimes.

Nice song bro, it fits your whole description perfectly.

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Insanctuary responds:

Thankyou bro. I really like this, but you must remember that anger is weakness. You still can protray your view of these ignorant people without anger. Anger will only cause problems. Trust me. You have some powerful views though that strengthen what I have said. Thankyou for another awesome review :D. Glad we are back in touch ^^. Early Happy New Years.

Insanctuary - Discovery Insanctuary - Discovery

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If it's you lol, great job making best of week. (Still don't know why you keep making new accounts either lol)

This is a pretty deep song, definitely chill to listen to. I could see it in an episode of House. It has that arpeggiated reverbbed chimes instrument with strings that provides an excellent backgroud to a serious thought.

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Insanctuary responds:

I lol'd so hard. You actually recognize me? I made a new account, because I wanted to make a new beginning. Every human creates a renewal somewhere in there life. It's natural. You haven't been on MSN lately. I have been curious where you may have gone. How is your game you are working on? Any new updates? ^^
Thankyou for your kind words. ^^ PM me. When you read this. Or I will PM you later tonight. Either way. :P

Gastown Gastown

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I'd put this under house. It sounds pretty dancey, if not somewhat depressing lol. Good work here, just keep it up man.

Toddzilla20000 responds:

Hey thanks for the comment!
I'd considered house, but youre right, I've always felt house is meant to be an upbeat, almost happy style. But you betcha, practice makes perfect, onwards I go :)

HardStyle-Techwave HardStyle-Techwave

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It sounds pretty cool... somewhat repetitive, but cool. I think it should have a few dance-break drums every once and a while so it's not just slamming the kick the entire song. Also, the way it cuts out, says "Kick the bass" and cuts in seems a bit sloppy. Give it a reverb-kick effect on the cut out, and slam it hard on the cut-in.

techwave responds:

Thanks for the review!